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Dance Mat Typing Games For Children.

Today I am sharing with you a fun website to introduce your students to touch-typing.  Bright design, peppy songs, and supportive feedback all encourage kids to play, but since this is a typing game, there's not much else to do for kids who get frustrated or discouraged while touch typing. Offers plenty of audio and visual feedback for players on their performance by level, but it doesn't offer the kind of feedback that would help someone struggling with touch typing to get better or faster at it.

I got a kick out of listening to one of the students - he was practicing the homerow keys by typing words. Of course, you expect nothing less from BBC Schools, the website that hosts Dance Mat. While I don't like to create Best of…” lists, because websites are always evolving, changing, and dying out, Dance Mat Typing is definitely one of those sites that stopped my search for an effective and engaging home row typing tool.

That being said, although students will need additional typing practice after completing all the levels, Dance Mat Typing is still a fantastic introduction to the typing keyboard, and it will begin preparing the students who use it for more difficult typing challenges and practice found elsewhere. Dance Mat Typing Stage 12 which is the last in the game focuses on teaching children how to capitalize using the two Shift keys.

Dance Mat Typing could easily be a stand-alone station or could be split by stage into a daily warm-up activity to help students gain fluency with typing for other forms of digital production. For some students, there would be some value in repeating the game once or twice after the initial completion, but for most students, it would be better to move on to a bigger typing challenge once this game is mastered. Dance Mat Typing is a free online game that teaches kids to touch-type using the home-row method.

The excitement lasts for three-four months before you must move to a new program (Type to Learn is good, Typing Web is a nice FREE online system, or here's a list that you can try.